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Who is the actress in the Chase credit card commercial new dress?


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Molly Culver... from "VIP" fame (canceled TV show with Pamela Anderson)

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not sure but her husband in the commercial should slap that ho for maxing out his points on his credit card on a stupid dress Her name is Molly Culver and she was on VIP with Pamela Anderson. And I agree that she is a silly ho for using the points on the dress but kudos to her husband for restraining himself.

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The name of the blonde woman in the blue dress in the Prudential commercial is Courtney Pauroso. She is a commercial actress.

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Julia RobertsJulia Roberts is NOT in the Chase Sapphire commercial... the actress is Molly Culver, who starred opposite Pam Anderson in the short lived series "VIP". I have dedicated a fan page for these commercials! Julia, I am still trying to find someone who knows the African American actor in the Chase Sapphire commerical in Nov. & Dec. 2010 (see on youtube) towards the end of the commercial. Jutta

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