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Who is the all-time leader for points per game in one season in the NBA?


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==Answer == In the 1961-62 season Wilt Chamberlain averaged 50 points per game and also scored the all time highest single game total of 100 points on March 3, 1962 vs. the Nicks in Hershey, PA. Wilt Chamberlain averaged 50 points a game in one season and scored over 4000 points !


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For the 2007 NFL season, that was 21.7 points per game. For the 2006 NFL season, 20.7 points per game and for the 2005 NFL season, 20.6 points per game.

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In a 42-game season: Man Utd 88 points in 1994-95. In a 38-game season: Chelsea 85 points in 2007-08.

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