Who is the artist painter Herbelot?

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Artist of numbered and signed watercolors depicting Paris France. My mother bought several of his-her paintings - probably in the 60's.?

The street painter/artist famous for Parisian street scenes. Herbelot was only a pseudonym his real name is somewhat unknown.
Herbelot was active in Paris around the period from 1940 to 1960.
Herbelot first made rough on site street sketches these were unsigned and bear only the location name. These sketches were later reproduced in his studio ready for litho reproduction prints. it is the lithograph prints and the oleo prints (line drawings with the colours added later) which bear his "Herbelot" identity and issue numbers.
The originals of which there would be two, firstly the street sketch and subsequently the Lithograph master for reproduction with the added identity.
The original water colour street sketches are the most inspiring as they have hidden depth that is lost when the sketches are finalised on Lithographic plates.
Lithograph reproduction was the intention, producing many copies of desirable scenes to sell to tourists The lithograph process produced a finished article that was comparable to a water colour original.
Herbelot wrote with a forward slant and his "Ts" were crossed with long strokes as his shown in his identity signature.
His original water colour sketches do not show finite detail. However, when viewed from 2 mtrs away they allow ones imagination to translate the artists view and one can fully grasp the portrayed action.

I am still researching Herbelot. there are a number of true identity clues non of which are yet proven.

The original street sketches are the basic template for his works, they show the subject in a 60/70% stage with colour and definition. I believe that the definitive may have been finished in his studio or by the reproduction house.

I believe that well framed good examples of prints especially 1/????? have a value of around 150 euros and reasonable examples around 50/60euros
If you are lucky enough to own an original street sketch in water colour then I imagine the value to a Herbelot collector would, if in very good condition have a value of around 1500/2000 euros.
Obviously it would require authentication from a renowned source, they are easy to distinguish in so for that the sketch appears unfinished when viewed alongside any litho or oleo print which appear with line outline to the subjects.
There are many copies with so called signatures.
Very few originals remain, they are always unsigned, with the location written with a forward slant in pencil, also they contain a little less finite content than the reproductions.
The above detail and descriptions are derived from the viewing of an original versus a reproduction which leaves one in no doubt as to how to accurately identify one from the other

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Herbelot is the pseudonym used for the unknown artist who paintedseveral watercolor works of art that depict scenes of severalstreets of Paris. There's very little else known about thisartist's life and identity.

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