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Marc Broussard. Song is called "home"

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What happened to Michael Jackson's father?

Nothing happened to him, he's in his 80's and still going strong.

Who was the first artist to name their fanbase?

Justin Bieber and Beliebers. Because it's the best fanbase ever with the best leader. 18 million. Going strong!

Why was Bella going to die in breaking dawn?

Bella was going to die because she was pregnant with Edwards baby and it was a very strong baby like its father and it was drinking her blood to survive

What did pop art artist do there art about?

Pop artist did there art about whatever was going on at the time.

What is Gerard way's accomplishments?

He is going to be a father, is a husband, is lead singer of My Chemical Romance, a lyricist, an artist, a comic book writer/creator and has made quite a name for him self.

Artist who sang what's going on?

Marvin Gaye

When did Lady Gaga become an artist?

She became an artist about when she was 14..... at leat that's when she started going to clubs and preforming!

What song has the lyrics what you going tolive for what you going todie for?


Artist who sang How am i going to live without you?

I am going to take proper care of you, and be a lovely husband.

What is the sound barrier?

going faster than the speed of sound. It is a pressure wave of air that builds up in front of a plane, preventing it from going faster.

What is the the sound barrier?

going faster than the speed of sound. It is a pressure wave of air that builds up in front of a plane, preventing it from going faster.

What artist released the album titled What is Going On?

Marvin Gaye.

What if your father is going fishing Is father to be capitalized?

No. It should be --- Your father is goi ng fish ing.

What is an hypothesis for dry ice bubble?

Hypothesis: I think the fog will affect the bubble and the expect that when all the fog builds up into the bubble the dry ice bubble is going to burst. I think that because when all the fog from the dry ice builds up in to the bubble then it is going to burst.

What are the release dates for Going for Father - 1913?

Going for Father - 1913 was released on: USA: 13 April 1913

What actors and actresses appeared in Still Going Strong - 1922?

The cast of Still Going Strong - 1922 includes: Sidney Smith

Did Hitler know what he was going to do all along?

No his original intention was to become an artist but after being refused admission to an art academy he became upset. Hitler's father wanted him to work as a civil servant like he himself did.

Is it better to be physically strong or pretend your physically strong?

It is better to be physically strong because sooner or later someone is going to find out you aren't strong!

Is Usher going to be a father?


Can you correct this sentence father said nobody is going nowhere until our chores is done?

father said nobody is going nowhere until are chores is done

Who is the original artist to the song how long has this been going on?

Ace in 1975

Is Justin Bieber going to be on MTV?

of course, he is the new hip artist.

Who is a manga artist?

Masashi Kishimoto is...? he is the artist of Naruto. or were you looking for someone who is actually a manga artist? if so, not me. sorry buddy ________________________________________________________________ LOLz! to ur answer! but imma manga artist (: if anyones going to naka con 2010 imma be there ;OOOO

What can a father do if his unborn child is in danger by its mother?

Be glad you aren't going to be a father

Did Athens have a strong army or navy?

I'm going to say from my research that athens had a strong navy.