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Wilhelm and Jacob Grimm are the authors of Rapunzel

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What is the problem in the story of Rapunzel?

what is the problem in the story rapunzel

Who is the author of the story of Rapunzel?

A man by the name of Paul O. Zelinsky.

What language do they speak in the story Rapunzel?

The story of Rapunzel was originally written in German, but the language spoken is not mentioned in the story.

What are the ratings and certificates for The Story of 'Rapunzel' - 1951?

The Story of 'Rapunzel' - 1951 is rated/received certificates of: USA:TV-G (TV rating)

What is the conflict in short story Rapunzel?

When rapunzel is stuck in the tower and cannot get out

What is the basis of Rapunzel?

Question: 1 What is the story rapunzel about? 2 What are the characters in rapunzel? 3 Why did Rapunzel throw down her hair? 4. How does isolation relate to rapunzel? 5. Where does rapunzel live?

Who wrote the story Rapunzel?

Wilhelm and Jacob Grimm wrote the story of Rapunzel which appears in Grimm's fairy tales

Characters of Rapunzel?

It depends on which version of the story Rapunzel you read but for the most part the main characters are Rapunzel, the Prince, and the evil witch who locks Rapunzel in the tower.

Where is the setting story of Rapunzel?

a tower in the woods buttheads!

How does the witch find out Rapunzel is pregnant?

Traditional story Rapunzel is complaining that her clothes are getting to tight around the middle.

What was the name of witch in Rapunzel story?

what is the wichez name in rupunzl

Moral of Rapunzel?

I belive that the moral of the story RAPUNZEL is that, " when one is destined to have something in their life, then no one, by any of their powers, can stop that from happening."

Flynn love Rapunzel in real?

Tangled; the Disney animated movie about Flynn falling in love with Rapunzel is a work of fiction, inspired by the story of Rapunzel who had very long hair. No, it's not real.

What are the moral lesson in Rapunzel?

Rapunzel was first published in 1812 by the Bothers Grimm. The moral lesson in Rapunzel could be left to the reader to determine according to what they interpret. A moral lesson from the story of Rapunzel could be to be determined to stay positive during struggles.

What is the climax of the story Rapunzel?

The climax of Rapunzel is when the enchantress wraps Rapunzel's hair around her hand 2 to 3 times and then cuts it off.

Is Rapunzle a fairy tale?

Yes, the story "Rapunzel" is a fairy tale.

What are the characters called in Rapunzel?

Well there is the young man and woman. They are Rapunzel's parents and aren't given a name. there is Mother Gothel. She is the enchantress/witch who took Rapunzel from the man and woman. Rapunzel is the child the and woman have, and she is the main character in the story. She is named after the flower the man stole for the woman, the Rampion. The prince, which Rapunzel falls in love with, is not given a name. And finally there is the 2 children Rapunzel gives birth to in the story. In some stories they are twins and others they are just a boy and a girl

Does Rapunzel exist?

If you believe yes no its a fictional story.not in reality but ofcourse in the story.

How old was Rapunzel?

Rapunzel was twelve years old when the witch locked her in the tower, but she was probably older when the prince found her. The story doesn't tell us how old exactly. You can read the original story (an English translation) in the link below.

What did Rapunzel's dress look like?

Rapunzel was never a real person, she's a character from the fairy story 'Rapunzel'. In terms of costumes, think medeival meets Disney princess.

How old is Rapunzel the fairy tale?

Rapunzel's story traces back to 1600's but the Grimm Brothers' story was written in 1819

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