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Probably a Urologist... If you've had your vasectomy for more than 5 years, do not expect to be able to impregnate someone easily. As the sperm are "foreign" to the man's body [it has half of the man's genes], there is a good chance that reversal may work as far as allowing the sperm to pass out through the penis, but the antibodies formed by the man's body against the sperm will inhibit their ability to be able to fertilize the ovum. See the Related Links for "Vasectomy Reversal Help" at the bottom for the answer.

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Q: Who is the best doctor for a vasectomy reversal?
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Should you freeze sperm after a vasectomy reversal?

Yes. always always always

What is the recovery time for a vasectomy reversal?

Recovery from the vasectomy reversal actual surgery is similar to that of a vasectomy and involves pain and swelling for a few days to a week. Certain restrictions are placed on activities: no bathing or swimming for two days, no sports or weight lifting for three weeks, and no intercourse or ejaculations for four weeks. The return of sperm may be immediate or it may take up to a year.

Preparing for a Vasectomy Reversal?

A reversal of vasectomy is the process of reconnecting the seminal tubes in a male so that sperm will once again be ejected upon ejaculation. According to the Mayo Clinic, about 50% of the vasectomy reversals done are successful and are able to achieve a pregnancy in a female. Of the other 50% that fail, in vitro fertilization may still be an option.Pre-Surgery PreparationDoctors will test your sperm count to make sure you have viable sperm that may result in a pregnancy should the reversal take. They may test your partner to make sure that she is fertile. They will take you off any blood thinners, including Tylenol and aspirin. You will be shaved prior to the surgery and will have to have a clean jockstrap to use afterwards. This jockstrap will be worn at all times after the surgery until you are properly healed.SurgeryThere are many different techniques that can be used in vasectomy reversal and you will need to discuss with your doctor which is right for you. You will receive anesthesia. Some of your sperm may be frozen at this time if you have decided to bank sperm in case of a vasectomy reversal failure.After SurgeryThe area will be bandaged and you may feel groggy from the anesthesia. You will need to have an ice pack to use for inflammation reduction and you will be given some pain killers to ease any pain you may experience. You will have to rest and avoid water in the first two days after surgery. There will be a ban on sexual relations for about a month, giving you time to heal properly. Your doctor will let you know upon examination when you can go back to work, exercise, and normal sexual relations.RisksYou will need to be prepared for the risk involved in the procedure. There is a risk of scrotum inflammation from the surgery and infection. There can be bleeding in the scrotum that may cause additional pain or there can be nerve and blood vessel damage. Talk with your surgeon about the risks and benefits of vasectomy reversal and weigh your options carefully. A reversal of vasectomy is still a safer procedure than a woman’s tubal ligation reversal, but is still a medical procedure with risk.

Where can you get a cheap tubal reversal in South Carolina?

Well you have lots of options there are 3-4 well respected surgeons in your area. To research the topic and possibly help you choose which doctor to go for have a look at the "Vasectomy Reversal Help' link below.

Does blue cross cover a vasectomy reversal?

No. You chose to have an elective surgery, an now you change your mind...they won't reverse your lobotomy either.

I want to get pregnant but my husband had a vasectomy 7 years ago. We don't want to have a reversal we are looking for a natural way to reverse it. Any ideas?

You can either hope and pray to have a miracle/natural reversal (not effective), he can have the reversal surgery or try and extract sperm (medically!) to do an In-vitro fertilization.

If you are having an abdominal myomectomy can you also have a tubal ligation reversal at the same time?

yes if you find a doctor that specializes in tubal reversal and performs myomectomys my doctor will do them at same time but i have pay for reversal insurance wont cover it.

Can a man have a vasectomy reversal after it has been done 25 years ago?

Yes, it is possible to reverse a vasectomy. Usually if you're not sure this is what you want permanently, they can surgically insert valves instead of just cutting and tying off or cauterizing the tubes and this makes it quiet easy to reverse a vasectomy. How ever it's a bit more costly to do that. They can also be reversed with micro surgery to reattach the tubes together also a bit spendy. Hope this helps.

Your doctor has told you you have had a miscarriage even tho your partner has had a vasectomy 2 years ago Is this possible?

no, unless vasectomy was reversed at some point (an OR nurse)

How do you stop vas deferens?

The vas deferens is the tube that carries the sperm from the testicle during ejaculation. If you wanted to stop its ability to carry the sperm, you should see a doctor about a vasectomy. A vasectomy is a simple in-office procedure where the vas deferens is cut. It is a minimally invasive way to get relatively permanent birth control. I say relatively permanent because there is a surgery to reverse it if needed, though the reversal surgery is not 100% successful.

What are the useful ways to prevent pregnancy?

JUST DONT HAVE IT!! duhhh Get on birth control, use a condom, don't have sex, have a vasectomy or get your tubes tied. Ask your doctor for the method that is best for you.

My husband had a vasectomy 12 years ago after having 3 girls with his first wife and now you want a child of your own and he is all for that but he does not want to go through a reversal?

I beliive there is a method where the sperm can be taken prom the testes above the vasectomy and then you have artificial insemination. He would need to see a urologist.