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Who is the best ever mens swimmer?

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July 01, 2012 1:11PM

Mark Spitz is one of the best ever mens swimmer. He won eleven Olympic gold medals. He did this through old fashioned physical training and natural abilities unlike contemporary swimmers like Micheal Phelps.


Dood, Mark Spitz did win 11 gold medals, all together! Michael Phelps holds the record of 8 gold medals, Spitz did hold the record of 7, but Michael Phelps beat it, so Phelps is the best Swimmer ever.

PS. Michael Phelps holds more WR's than you can count, its not all about the golds either its also about WR's and times. Phelps demolished Spitz 100 fly

(Spitz-54.27) (Phelps-49.82)

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