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seriously that is a question I would ask my two year old brother

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Q: Who is the best team for Naruto path of the ninja 2?
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On naruto path of a ninja 2 where do you find all the ninja tag for sharingan?

if you have guy on your team go to the limited kumite levil *now that's a challange* get jonin rank you will be rewarded st sharingan .i have two.

What is team genius for Naruto Ultimate Ninja heroes?

You play Naruto? F**king nerd.

Will there be team specials in naruto clash of ninja revolution 2?


What characters do you start with in naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm?

Members of Team 7

Does rise of a ninja for the 360 have team battles like broken bonds Naruto?

no broken bonds is a million times better than rise of a ninja

Can you use Naruto giant rasengan Ultimate Ninja 3?

no but he can use the regular one and team one

Who is the best character on naruto shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 2?

My favorite for Single Matches is Killer Bee because he has great combos. For Team Matches I like the Jinchuriki team of Killer Bee, Sage Mode Naruto, and Gaara. Also the perfect Team Ultimate Justu team of Taka Sasuke as Support 1, Jugo as Support 2, and Hokage Costume Naruto as Player.

How do you use team attacks in Naruto clash of ninja revolution 2?

You push side on the nunchuck and special on the wiimote

How do you use a tag team jutsu in clash of ninja revolution2?

You use tag team jutsu in Naruto 2 by walking forward and hitting the jutsu button

Naruto arena whos a good team with Kakashi?

the best team is your mom

Naruto-arena what character is best to beat zabuza?

Recommended team: Naruto, Zaku, and Ino.

How do you get rasengan on Naruto path of the ninja?

yes but you have to have beaten oro's invasion then go to the academy roof top and talk to konahamaru then go to summon sheet and then in a battle use clones and then rasengan will be one of your justu! i am not sure about this but just try it