Who is the best trap shooter in the world?

ZEGREB (Croatia): Vitaly Fokeev of Russia took gold and the U.S. won the team even in the men's trap at the 49th World Shooting Championships. Fokeeve scored 190 points, one ahead of second-laced Hi Binyuan of China. Roland Gerebics of Hunary was 3rd with 187. Richard Faulds of Britain also had 187, but wasn't as accurate in an extra round. The United State's best shooter, Joshua Richmond finished only 6th with 185 points. Together with Walton Eller (141) and Bill Keever (137), the U.S. team scored 414 points. China took silver on the same number of points because the U.S. team shot better in the last 3 rounds. Russia won bronze with 403 points.