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Who is the best wrestler in history?

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There are Many candidates

Hulk Hogan

Masked Kane

Bret Hart

Stone Cold



Shawn Michaels

The Rock

Andre the Giant

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Who the best wrestler?

The greatest wrestler in the history of WWE/WWF is, of course, Hulk Hogan, deh!

Who is Ric Flair?

the best smackdown wrestler in the history of WWE

Who is the best wrestler in wrestling history?

Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan Considered The Best Ever In History Of wrestling .

Who is the best wrestler in the history of world wrestling entertainment?

stone cold Steve Austin

Who is best wrestler in roblox?

"Best Wrestler in roblox", are you serious...? There are NONE.

Who is the best wrestler in he world?

The best wrestler in the world is cm punk

Is Mr Kennedy the best wrestler?

No he is not the best wrestler there are better wrestlers than him

What are opinions on RAW's best wrestler?

Best Wrestler on raw.....definetly sheamus

Is brock lesnar the best wrestler in the world?

No, It is an opinion of what WWE wrestler is the best.

Who is the heviest wrestler in WWE history?

Rey Mysterio is the heaviest wrestler to ever compete

Is the big show the strongest wrestler in wwe history?

no the strongest wwe wrestler was giant gonzalez

Jeff hardy is the best WWE wrestler ever?

no the best wrestler ever is bret hart

Is aj styles the best tna wrestler?

It is your opinion wheather or not Aj styles is the best wrestler.

Who is the 1 top ranked wrestler?

The best wrestler is my fav EDGE

Who is the most powerful wrestler in the world?

johncena is the best wrestler in the world

Who is not the best wrestler in the world?

John Cena He Sucks the best wrestler is MOISES Colin Delaney Stinks

Who is the best wrestler in WWE?

Everyone has a different opinion on who is the best wrestler in WWE. Their is no right or wrong answer for this question. (Please use the discussion section to say who you think is the best WWE wrestler) undertaker

Who is johnny ova?

Johnny Ova is the freakin MAN! Te best professional wrestler in the history of the human race...He is YOUR childhood hero!

Who is the winningest WWE wrestler in history?

hulk hogan

Who is the best sumo wrestler?

Asashoryu is the best sumo wrestler and he is probably the best sumo wrestler of all time. because he is too strong and very fast for his weight he is one of the most successful yokozunaever.

Who is the best wreastler?

the best wrestler is cm punk

Was the rock the best wrestler?

One of them but probably not the best.

What was the biggest thing in Japanese history?

sumo wrestler! lol

Who is the best girl wrestler?


Who was the best wrestler?

john cena

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