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Reggie currelley

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Q: Who is the black actor in the Progressive insurance commercials that wants to juggle chainsaws?
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How do you juggle chainsaws?

very carefully, and just like you would juggle clubs

How many chainsaws does the guy on time warp juggle?

He juggles 8.

What is the futere tense of juggle?

I shall juggle You will juggle He will juggle We shall juggle You (pl.) will juggle They will juggle

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The word juggle is a noun for the act of juggling. The pronoun to use for the noun juggle, is it. Juggle is also a verb (juggle, juggles, juggling, juggled).

How is juggle used in a sentence?

Heres two, I can juggle the balls. and I love to juggle.

How do you make your pet juggle on binweevils?

You have to throw a ball and keep saying:____ juggle for example:Sparkles juggle

How do you get your bin pet to juggle on bin-weevils?

When you have a lot of Xp about enough to juggle it should juggle then

How do you get your bin pet to juggle 5 balls?

KEEP telling it to juggle eventuly it will be able to juggle 5 balls

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the past tense of juggle is juggled

How hard is it to learn to juggle 7 balls once you can juggle 5?

if you can juggle mans balls like a kangaroo, then not very hard

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