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Q: Who is the blonde model in the Kane's furniture commercial?
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Who is the blonde model in the bare minerals commercial?


Who is blonde model in December acura commercial?


Who is the actress in Freed's Furniture commercial?

The beautiful model is Debbie, wife of the President of Freed's Furniture.

Who is the blonde model in the buick enclave commercial?

It's onetime Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover model Marisa Miller.

Who is the blonde woman with the bulldog in the Benjamin Moore commercial?

South African Model Nikki Lupton.

Who is THE light blonde model in nivea Q 10 commercial THE mother?

Her name is Jenny Fairbairn, from France.

Who is the blonde model in bath in the current muller light advert?

While many people who watch the current Muller Light commercial wonder who the blonde model in the bath is. Unfortunately, this information is not known and the company has never released the model's name.

Who is the blonde girl in the John Frieda Sheer Blonde Go Blonde commercial where some guys are interrogating the model saying she stole the sun anyone know her name?

I think it might be Brooke D'Orsay?

Who is the blonde in the cox commercials?

Courtney Pauroso

Who is the blond in new bk breakfast commercial?

I believe the blonde watering her lawn is Canadian model Jenny Poussin.

Who is the blonde in the new Toyota commercial who sells to her dad?

Sheli Sanders, a spokesperson/model out of the Tampa Bay area

Who is the blonde model in the vehixcom commercial?

April Rose...Maxim's "Hometown Hottie" 2008 from Chicago. More at and