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The brunette in the OFF insect spray commercial is Amy Rivard (a choir member of Celtic Woman).

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Q: Who is the brunette actress in off insect spray commercial?
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Who's the gorgeous brunette in the Off bug spray commercial who was also in the Midas commercial in addition to others I've seen her in?

The gorgeous brunette in the OFF bug spray commercial is Amy Rivard (one of the choir members of Celtic Woman). I'm sorry, but that's not the name of the female I'm looking for

Who is the black actress in the new Glade Sense and Spray commercial?

Denise Pillott

How do perfume spray and insect spray work?

The most common insect sprays effect the nervous system of an insect, but there are others that have a different mode of action. As far as perfumes, I can't say.

How do you kill a cricket spiders?

using insect spray.

Where can you buy Ocean Insect Spray?

There are several different online stores that carry Ocean Insect Spray. Some of these retailers include Walgreens, Home Depot, and

How do you stop bugs eating food?

get a kill insect spray and make it so it sensers in then it will kill the insect

What items are necessary for bug catching?

net and insect spray

Is insect spray a toxin corrosive or flammable?

It is difficult to answer you unless you say which insect spray. The tin should tell you about all these things, have a look at it. In general most pesticides are toxic and flammable.

What IS best time to spray your home with insect spray?

its might in the summer because insects like the sun and not the cold

Why did the camel spray insect repellent on the phone?

To tone a bug bite

Why does insect will die if you spray them an insect repellant?

Insect repellents are useful to prevent bites, skin eruptions and rashes that may be caused by an insect's bite. They die because they get poisoned by the repellents hence they kill them instantly.

Can lice spray kill fleas on furniture?

Should use insect repeller for that