Who is the chief of mataatua waka?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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Toroa is the chief of the mataatua waka

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Q: Who is the chief of mataatua waka?
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Who is the tohunga of the 7 waka?

the tohunga of the mataatua waka is taneatua

Who was the tohunga of Mataatua waka?


Where did the Mataatua Waka come from?


What happened to mataatua waka?

As the story was told by our old people,when Mataatua Waka landed at Whakatane Toroa the chief had a young brother named that time the two brothers didnt see eye to eye,so Puhi and his followers took the Waka Mataatua up North of New Zealand.Thats how our Whanau became Ngapuhi.There is alot more detail behind the story, this is only a short vertion.

What is the meaning of the name of the mataatua waka?

I think I read this in 'Tuhoe, Children of the Mist' by Elsdon Best, that Mataatua means - Face of God.

What are the 7 maori waka?

Tainui Te Arawa Mataatua Takitimu Tokomaru Kurahaupo Aotea

What is the maori word for horse?

Tainui, Te arawa, Mataatua, Takitimu, Tokomaru, Kurahaupo and Aotea.

What is the waka called that the polnesion expoler kupe?

Chief Kupe's waka is called Maataahouruaata and landed in Whanganiu-a-tara (near Wellington)

What are the 7 waka of New Zealand?

According to Maori native myths and legends, when the native Maori people arrived in New Zealand, they arrived in seven great Waka, or giant canoes, no-one knows where they originally came from, but all sensible answers point toward the pacific islands. When the Waka landed around the coast, they created the first seven tribes, and the Maori people started from that.

Who is the tohunga of mataatua?

Tāneatua, half brother of Toroa.

What is waka waka?

Shakira song Waka Waka mean that inconswelo.

What is Christchurch in Maori?

Otautahi Meaning the place of Tautahi a chief who arrived in one of the original waka (ocean going canoes)