Who is the current president of French Polynesia?

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oscar tamaru is the current president of french polynesia
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What are the countries of Polynesia?

Answer . Hawaiian Islands Easter Island New Zealand American Samoa Cook Islands Marquesas Islands Samoa Society Islands Tonga Funafuti [Tuvalu] . and more.....

In that the French Overseas Collectivities and Territories are specifically excluded from the French-American Income Tax Treaty of 1994 how did French Polynesia access the benefits of the treaty?

French Polynesia has a much more autonomous status than other French overseas collectivities (it is also a pays d'outre-mer, and its executive is called the President of French Polynesia, not the governor of French Polynesia). This status makes it more like an associated state than a dependency of F ( Full Answer )

What is the capital of French Polynesia?

The capital city of French Polynesia is Papeete. To get a visual idea of all the islands of French Polynesia, see the Related Link.

Where is Polynesia?

It is one of the three sub-divisions of the Pacific Ocean with the Hawaian Islands to the North, Easter Island to the East and New Zealand marking the Southern extremity. East of Micronesi.

How long is a flight from Los Angeles to French Polynesia?

Answer . Tahiti is readily accessible from the east and west coast USA, Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia and Japan. Direct, non-stop flight times are about 8 hours from Los Angeles (daily flights) and Sydney, 5 hours from Auckland and Honolulu, 12 hours from New York.

Is the current president a democrat or a republican?

President George W. Bush is a Republican. The Congress, however, has a Democratic majority. . President Barack Obama is a Democrat. The congress, however is a Democratic majority . . Obama O8

Who is china's current vice president?

The current vice president of China is Li Yuanchao. Before hebecame vice president, he was the secretary of Jiangsu from 2002 to2007.

Is Polynesia a country?

No, it is a Pacific Ocean region stretching from Hawaii in the north to New Zealand in the south and Easter Island in the east.

What changes does French Polynesia have after being colonized?

Before European colonization, the islands were ruled by local chiefs. The Pomare Dynasty reigned over Tahiti until Queen Pomare IV, under considerable pressure, signed a treaty with France in 1843, making it a French protectorate. Her son abdicated in 1880, and the islands became a colony of France. ( Full Answer )

Is Hawaii in Polynesia?

It is a state in the United States, but it is the northernmost extension in the Polynesian triangle. The first people who came to Hawaii were Polynesian.

What is the population of Polynesia?

3.8 Million. is very wrong as New Zealand is in the polynesian region and new zealand has over 4 million i don't actually know it for sure though ;P hehe sorry :(

What languages are spoken in French Polynesia?

There are many Polynesian languages spoken in French Polynesia. Itjust depends on the island. The main Polynesian language isTahitian (from Tahiti) but French is now the most spoken languagesince everything is conducted in French (business, school, TV,etc.). On the other hand, the Polynesian languag ( Full Answer )

Is Tahiti French Polynesia?

Tahiti is the largest island in French Polynesia, but not the only island in it.

Who discovered Polynesia?

Polynesia was discovered by a fisherman named Hawaiâ??iloa. He isalso credited with discovering Hawaii which is one of the islandsof Polynesia.

What currency is used in french polynesia?

The French Pacific territories of French Polynesia, New Caledonia and Wallis and Futuna all use the CPF Franc (currency code XPF). This currency is fixed to the Euro at a rate of 8.38 euros = 1000 XPF.

Who is the current french queen?

France has no monarchy, they were deposed in the rather bloody revolution. France is no longer a monarchy, meaning it has no queen

What do people in French Polynesia eat?

The inhabitants of French Polynesia provide food for themselves by mainly fishing, animal husbandry, and gardening. The main foods of their diet consists of taro, breadfruit, sweet potatoes, and manioc. Fish, pork, taro, breadfruit, and sweet potatoes are eaten at weddings.

Is Fiji part of French Polynesia?

No it is not, it is part of Melanesia. It was a British Colony until 1970 (the Union Jack is still part of it's flag today).

French Polynesia is in what continent?

French Polynesia is in the continent region of Oceania. Oceania isthe region centered on the Islands of the tropical Pacific Ocean.

Who is the current heir to the French throne?

Some years after the Revolution and the execution of Loius XVI,* Napolean I declared himself Emperor. He reigned for more than ten years and then the younger brother of Louis XVI, Louis 18th, ruled for a short time. Napoleon I returned to power again for about 100 days followed by Louis XVIII again ( Full Answer )

Who is the current leader of French Guiana?

French Guiana is part of France. It is a French overseas Département . There is no "leader" and the localadministrators report back to Paris.

Why do people in French polynesia speak French?

French polynesia is part of France, it is a "collectivité d'outre-mer". The French Government takes care of the administration and French is the official language, even though the dalects are still used and taught in school.

Is french Polynesia is a member of the united nations?

No, it is not. The French Polynesia is a dependent territory of France and therefore lacks sovereignty (UN members must be sovereign states). French Polynesian foreign diplomatic relations are the responsibility of France.

What clothes do people wear in French polynesia?

Evening attire for men is usually a shirt and slacks; womentypically wear a long, brightly colored dress (slacks or longskirts help to keep biting sand flies away from your ankles). Womensunbathe topless at most beaches. Shorts are acceptable during theday almost everywhere. Outside Papeete, the sta ( Full Answer )

Is the current president of Syria a good president?

To some Syrians, yes. To other Syrians, no. As for me, no matter whether how good or bad you are, if you kill and slaughter people arbitrarily, you're going to face punishment.

What are problems french polynesia has?

In French Polynesia there is a lot of over fishing. In Melanesiathere is pollution and sanitary issues. In Micronesia pollution isI giant problem.

Cost to stay at a holtel in french polynesia?

= 40-60$ 2 people - 1 night **= 60-85$ 2 people - 1 night ***= 85-110$ 2 people - 1 night ****= 110-155$ 2 people - 1 night *****= 155-300$ 2 people - 1 night Info found at hotwire.com

Who is the current vice president and president of Spain?

The current Spanish President is Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero. He was first elected to office on April 17 2004 and was re-elected in 2008. Zapatero belongs to the Partido Socialista Obrero Espanol (PSOE) which translates to the Spanish Socialist Worker's Party.

Where is polynesia found?

The Islands of Polynesia - are found in the middle of the Pacific ocean !

Is your Current President A Good President?

This is a difficult question to answer objectively, since it callsfor an opinion and invites partisans (people from each politicalparty) to respond. Those who support President Obama believe he hasdone a commendable job with a very difficult set of circumstances.They point to such accomplishments as ( Full Answer )

Are there any current French territories?

There are currently 11 French Overseas Territories remaining ofwhat was the extensive holdings of the French Colonial Empire. They include: . French Guiana (South America) . French Polynesia (South Pacific Ocean) . Guadeloupe (Antilles) . Martinique (Antilles) . Mayotte (Africa - Mazambique Ch ( Full Answer )

How many miles from Minneapolis to French Polynesia?

They are 5500 miles (approximate distance) away from each other. Note that this is astraight distance between the two places. The actual distance may varyaccording to the flight path or road/sea route chosen.

What country controls french Polynesia?

It is made up of several groups of Polynesian islands, the most famous island being Tahiti in the Society Island group, which is also the most populous island and the seat of the capital of the territory (Papeete)

How long is a flight to french polynesia from Vancouver Canada?

The time required for flight between the above places is 10.25 hrs. Average speed of 500 miles/hour is used to calculate the time. This time is inclusive of the landing and take off times. However, the time required for the baggage and security checking has not been added. The actual time may change ( Full Answer )