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Q: Who is the deputy head of commonwealth?
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What was the youngest age for a deputy head?

The youngest deputy head began at the age of 25. Overall, the average age for a deputy head is between 30 and 35.

Who is the deputy head of a monastery?

The deputy head of a monastery is the, "Prior." This is the monk that is in charge after the Abbot. The Abbot is the head of the monastery.

Does present head mean deputy head?


Who will be the next head of Commonwealth?

The next head of the Commonwealth will be whoever inherits the throne of the United Kingdom and the thrones of the other Commonwealth realms like Canada, Australia and New Zealand. If nature takes its course this will be Charles who will become King of all the Commonwealth realms on the death or abdication of his mother, the current monarch, Queen Elizabeth II. However, should Elizabeth outlive Charles, his son William will become Head of the Commonwealth. In short, whoever is next in line for the throne of the Commonwealth realms will become Head of the Commonwealth. It is important to realise that this protocol for choosing the Head of the Commonwealth applies only to the position of Head of the Commonwealth, and this position is symbolic of the association of the Commonwealth countries to each other. The position has no bearing on the government of those countries that are not Commonwealth Realms (i.e. the republics of the Commonwealth). The Queen is not Queen of India, for example, even though the Indians accept her as Head of the Commonwealth.

Who is the head commonwealth of nations for 2010?

The British monarch is always head of the Commonwealth. Currently, it is Queen Elizabeth II.

Who is the head of Commonwealth Games in India?

the head of commonwealth is queen vElizabeth 2 but in India he is Mr. Suresh Kalmadi

What was Oliver Cromwell's role as the head of the commonwealth?

He was Lord Protector of the commonwealth.

What is the deputy head of an Abbey called?

A prior.

What is the name of the head of commonwealth and their role?

The head of the commonwealth is always the reigning king/queen of Britain. The role of the Head of the Commonwealth is recognized by its members as the "symbol of their free association" and is akin to that of a ceremonial president, but for life: unlike a Chairman or secretary general of any other international organization, the Head of the Commonwealth is a symbol of the association, without executive power.

Which commonwealth nations is the queen head of?

The queen is head of 16 countries

Who is the head of Commonwealth?

Queen Elizabeth II is the current head of the Commnwealth fo Nations.Yoweri Museveni, (President of Uganda) is the Current Chairperson of the Commonwealth Council

How long has the UK taken part in the Commonwealth games?

United Kingdom has participated at the Commonwealth Gamesfrom the beginning (1930). It is the head of the Commonwealth of Nations.