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Who is the enemy to the lion?

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Lions are apex predators which means they do not have any natural predator. There is no animal that can kill and consume a tiger. Lions have only 2 enemies - One is their own clan - Lions can kill one another during a fight. Second is Humans. Humans are the most dangerous foes of the Lions. Humans have been hunting lions as part of game hunting for decades which has wiped out large populations of these majestic beasts.

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The only 'natural' enemy of a lion is humans !

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Mountain lions do not get along well with black bears, grizzly bears, wolf packs or jaguars,

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Many animals may attack lion cubs if they find them unprotected, including hyenas, jackals, leopards, python snakes, and eagles. However, the biggest enemy of lion cubs are adult lions who are not the cubs' family!

Black bears, grizzlies, wolf packs and jaguars do not get along well with the mountain lion.

Lions are apex predators and there are no known animals that can kill or prey upon a full grown lion. Man is the biggest enemy or predator of the lion and when a man armed with a gun is on the hunt a lion cannot protect itself much. All it can do is run and hope that it wont get shot

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