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Dan Ackroyd for his supporting role in "Driving Miss Daisy"


Who was the first Saturday Night Live player to be nominated for an Oscar?

Six SNLers have been nominated for Oscars and they are:

George Coe (on SNL in 1975): Nominated Best Short Subject, Live Action Subjects -The Dove, 1968 (before he was on SNL)

Randy Quaid (on SNL 1985-86): Nominated Best Supporting Actor-The Last Detail, 1973 (also before appearing on SNL)

Joan Cusack (on SNL 1985-86):Nominated Best Supporting Actress-Working Girl, 1988; Nominated Best Supporting Actress-In & Out, 1997

Dan Aykroyd (on SNL 1975-79): Nominated Best Supporting Actor-Driving Miss Daisy, 1989

Robert Downey Jr. (on SNL 1985-86): Nominated Best Leading Actor-Chaplin, 1992; Nominated Best Supporting Actor-Tropic Thunder, 2008

Bill Murray (on SNL 1977-1980): Nominated Best Leading Actor-Lost in Translation, 2003

To date, no SNLer has won an Oscar

Corrections and additions:

Eddie Murphy (on SNL 1980-84): Nominated Best Supporting Actor-Dream Girls, 2007

Michael McKean (on SNL 1994-95): Nominated Best Song-A Mighty Wind, 2004 (with Annette O'Toole)

Kristen Wiig (on SNL 2005-present): Nominated Best Original Screenplay-Bridesmaids, 2011 (with Annie Mumolo)

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Q: Who is the first Saturday night live cast member to be nominated for an Academy Award?
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