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Sir Henry Lawrence

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Q: Who is the founder of Lawrence college ghora gali murree?
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When was Lawrence College Ghora Gali created?

Lawrence College Ghora Gali was created in 1860.

What is Lawrence College Ghora Gali's motto?

The motto of Lawrence College Ghora Gali is 'Never Give In'.

Which are the top 10 boarding schools in Pakistan?

Although these type of lists are often subjective one of the listings, in reverse order, of the top 10 Pakistan boarding schools is as follows: 10 - Cadet College Kohat, 9 - Cadet College Murree, 8 - Chand Bagh School in Muridke, 7 - Pakistan International Public School (PIPS) Abbottabad, 6 - Lawrence College GHora Gali in Murree, 5 - Military College Jhelum, 4 - Sadiq Public School in Bahawalpur, 3 - Army Burn Hall College in Abbottabad, PAF Public School in Sargodha, 1 - Aitchison College in Lahore.

How did the summer in Ghora Gali and Murree compare with summer in the plains?

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What is the population of Ghora Gali?

The population of Ghora Gali is 14,410.

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