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Q: Who is the girl on smosh's version Of Tomb Raider?
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What is the girl called in Tomb Raider?

The main female character in the Tomb Raider aeries is called Lara Croft. She is played by Angelia Jolie in the films.

Will there be another Tomb Raider movie?

yes, there will be another movie but it is when Lara croft is a little girl.

Which action movies contain girl on girl fight scenes?

Movies that contain girl on girl fight scenes include Tomb Raider, The Tourist, Kung Fu Last Chance, Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, Mean Girls and Crime Spree.

What made Angelina Jolie famous?

she won her first award for best supporting actress in the movie Girl, interrupted but achieved more fame when she starred in the movie Tomb Raider. :D

Which film by Angelina Jolie received the best reviews?

The films in which the actress Angelina Jolie received the highest reviews in include the following movies in descending order: Gia, Girl Interrupted, and Lara Croft: Tomb Raider.

Is their a girl version so halo?

No, there is not a girl version for Halo.

Is blue a boy or a girl?

If you are talking about Pokemon then Blue is a girl in the Japanese version and a boy in the English version.

Is there going to be a third Tomb Raider movie?

yes, there is going to be another movie but it goes back in to time to when Lara croft is a little girl it sounds rubbish but o wellHey guys/girls so you might be obsessing over the concept of " is there going to be a 3rd tomb raider movie. well i am to so i have been doing my research and i have heard rumors a bout there going to be a third movie but if there is it wont be until late in 2012, " that is if the world doesn't end, lol " i say this because i have been looking through top movie web-sights and applications and the latest movie that "people" want us to know about is the Hobbit: part. releasing in 2012. know i don't know what that is but if you guys/girls out there have a iphone or a ipod touch get the app called "movies" it is a very good app for keeping up to date on the latest, upcoming , and future movies to be released, so go check it out. SO i certainly hope that the roumers about the tomb raider 3 movie are true. and for you tomb raider i do know that Lara croft has made it to another game called " Lara croft and the guardian of light " and that is coming out sometime this summer. i cant wait for that even though it is not a actual tomb raider game. hope this helped( leave me a message if you know any more info thanks)

Are there any famous YouTubers who are YouTube partners?

Yeah this guy who looks like Lucas Cruikshank other known as Fred with his tomb girl friend, tomb girl is a boy looking like a girl, but only the pigtails his friend wears.

When does the paperback version of Gone Girl come out?

The paperback version of Gone Girl was release on April 22, 2014.

Can you be a girl in magical melody?

If you have the Gamecube version, yes. If you have the wii version, no.

Is zoisite from sailor moon a girl or boy?

Zoicite is a boy in the Japanese anime version, English manga version, and a girl in the English dubbed anime version.

What is the girl version of a hero?


Is it easier to be a boy or a girl?

well no one can no because a tomb boy will need to anser this cause if a girl said boy it might be a girl

When are the movies to Steig Larsson's books coming out?

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo - the Swedish version in 2009 and the American version in 2011. The Girl Who Played with Fire - the Swedish version in 2009 and the American version set for 2013. The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest - the Swedish version in 2009 and no release date yet for the American version.

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The name of the girl was Ann Darrow and she was played by Fay Wray in the 1933 version, Jessica Lange in the 1976 version, and Naomi Watts in the 2005 version.

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an evil version

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