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Q: Who is the girl with glasses in the drive time commercial?
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Who is girl in rhapsody commercial wearing glasses?

The girl singing is Sara Bareilles and if you want the song the song is called love song.

Who recorded the Ford commercial it's time to drive a Ford again?

Glenn Frey

Who is the girl in the Time Warner cable commercial with the washing machine?

Yin Chang

Who is the black girl in the current time warner commercial where they are dressing for a wedding?

Adrienne Warren

Who is the girl in the Lowes first time home buyers commercial?

Reyna de Courcy

What is the commercial where the girl has ka-pow on the back of her pants?

Quik Trip - No time for breakfast.

Who is the black girl in the sears commercial?

Sears does not offer credits for their commercials publicly. At this time the African American lady in the commercial's name is unknown.

Who is the girl in the febreze car commercial with the tattoos?

Febreze does not release credits for their commercials. At this time the girl in their car commercials name is unknown.

Who is the girl singing every time I close my eyes in the recent Chevy commercial?

Chelsea Williams

What is the most confusing and difficult lighting exists at what time to drive?

The most difficult time to drive is at night. Headlights can cause a glare and effect people seeing clearly at night, especially when people wear glasses to see.

Who is the high school girl in the Time Warner Cable twilight inspired Commercial?

Rosalie of the twilight saga

Does John Cusack wear glasses?

John Cusack wears glasses from time to time. If he does not have glasses on, he is likely wearing contact lenses.