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It used to be Emma Linley, but I don't know if it still is.

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When was Tom Wisdom born?

Tom Wisdom was born on 1973-02-18.

Does Tom Kenny have a girlfriend?

Tom Kenny is married. He does not have a girlfriend.

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I am Tom Slaytor's girlfriend. Hahah! No serious, I am.

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yes he does he has a brother called martin wisdom and a sister called hannah wisdom.

What movies has tom wisdom done?


Does tom kaulitz already have girlfriend?

No, Tom doesn't have a girlfriend.. Considering that he has spoken about girls and 'being' with them, he is single..

Does Tom Felton have a girlfriend?

Yes, his girlfriend is Jade Gordon.

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thirty seven (37)

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Tom Daley is currently single but he does have girl-friends.

What has the author Tom Ma written?

Tom Ma has written: 'Chinese Fables and Wisdom' -- subject(s): Anecdotes, Chinese Fables, Wisdom 'Zhongguo ren de zhi hui' -- subject(s): Chinese Fables, Chinese Proverbs, Wisdom, Folklore, Anecdotes

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his girlfriend

Who was Tom Sawyer's girlfriend?

Becky Thatcher

Is emmma Watson girlfriend of Tom Felton?


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