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Q: Who is the gorgeous short-haired brunette in the Midas commercial who was previously featured in a Chi's Chi's commercial?
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Who is the brunette featured in the 'It's Not Gossip' Cingular commercial?

Angela Sarafyan

Who is the brunette actress in the Cato's clothing commercial?

It is the very beautiful Carla Ossa. I work for CATO and the brunette is also featured on our in-store display posters. The posters are routinely changed and thrown away, so if you call ahead and request it, the local CATO will give you the posters they dispose of for free.

Who are the actors featured in the Propel commercial?

who are the actors in this commercial?

Whats the name of the brunette model featured in the music video 'lips of an angel' by hinder?

Emmanuelle Chriqui.

Who is the girl featured in the Friday's commercial?

what commercial are you talking about? be more speficic

What was featured in the very first iPod commercial?

The first iPod commercial features a man of Indian decent dancing wildly to a song. The song featured in the commercial is "Take California" by the Propellerheads.

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There was a red cross commercial in 1990 with featured the rolling stones song gimme shelter What was the name of this commercial?

Red Cross commercial, Play Your Part, was from the 1980s. It featured Gimme Shelter. Unfortunately the commercial can't be found on the internet.

Who is the boxer featured in the Chrysler 300 commercial?

The boxer in this 2010 commercial is Ronald Simms.

What wolf movie is featured in the directv commercial?

The grey

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The windows phone commercial called really?

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Kelly Huddleston