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Who is the greatest college ball player of all time?


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Blake Griffin- ROFLWilt Chamberlain


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Possibly Micheal Jordan or Lebron James.

The greatest ball player ever Micheal Jordan

Their are many great players but by far the best player of all time is Tommy Frazier of Nebraska.

Based on the statistics and winning percentage Matt Leinart is the greatest college quarterback of all time.

Michael Jordan is considered to be the greatest offensive player of all time. Wilt Chamberlain is also considered to be one of the greatest players.

Bill Walton's major in college was communications. He attended University of California Los angeles. He played basketball while he was there, and was voted arguably the greatest college basketball player of all time.

no one anymore. it was retired after THE GREATEST COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER OF ALL TIME VINCE YOUNG left

you make sure you have a player under the net and through the ball up hoping the player under the net catches it in time to dunk it

As far as college ball and the NBA are concerned, a team may call a time out when they are in possession of the ball or during a dead ball. A team may not call time out when they are on defense.

A double Technical foul in college basketball is when a player either gets two technicals at a time or a player and another person on the team (either coach or player) gets a technical at the same time. The opposing team gets to shoot 4 consecutive shots and gets the ball back.

To date, Hakan Sukur is the most accomplished and greatest soccer player.

Pele is the greatest Brazilian soccer player of all time. In 2005, Fifa even gave him an award saying that he was.

Yes a player can be substituted at half time, as the ball is not in play.

Detroit Red Wings Player ;) Greatest hockey player of all time!

No, a timeout can not be called until the player with the ball is down or out of bounds.

Jerry Rice. He was voted as the #1 player of all-time on NFL Network.

Many people would argue about who is or who isn't the greatest baseball player of all time but i would say Babe Ruth. He was the best baseball player that i know. I didnt know him, but i know who he is. :D

The ball is placed at its location at the time that the play is dead, or at the most forward progress if the player is pushed back by an opponent.

move behind the player under ball if you time pressing the triangle button correctly you will specky the player under the ball

Pele considered to be the greatest soccer player of all time.

The amount of time a ball spends in the air is called hang time. Hang time varies depending on the sport. In baseball, hang time is going to occur if the ball is hit nearly straight up. In basketball it will occur when a player throws the ball for the basket.

Born in Des Moines,Iowa. David Ryan Allen is the worlds greatest polo player.(7/8/80)

The player who tackles the player with the ball will be credited. If 2 people tackle the player with the ball at the same time they will each be credited with 1/2 a tackle.

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