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Who is the grudge?

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"The Grudge" is a Aztec Myth just like La llorona.

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How many grudge films are there?

There are three 'Grudge' films. * The Grudge (2004) * The Grudge 2 (2006) * The Grudge 3 (2009)

Is the grudge girl true?

no, the grudge girl are in games such as the grudge and ju on the grudge which do not exist.

Which is scarier the grudge or the omen?

The Grudge, but The Grudge 3 is the scariest

Did grudge die in grudge 3?

yes but a new grudge was born

Is there grudge 3 and 4?

yes there is a grudge 3. There is going to be the grudge 4 because in the end of the grudge 3 rose and Lisa are hugging the grudge behind them.

Does the grudge die?

YES but at the end of The Grudge 3 a new grudge is born!

What website has grudge games?

Do you have a grudge .com stupid haven't you seen the Grudge 2 trailer

What part of speech is grudge in the sentence Have you been accused of holding a grudge?

Grudge is a noun in that sentence.

Who plays as the Grudge in The Grudge 1 and 2?

First of all, her name is not "The Grudge." The Grudge is the name of the movie, not the character. Kayako Saeki is the character's name. She's the scary blue dead lady in The Grudge.In Ju-On and Ju-On 2, as well as The Grudgeand The Grudge 2, the role of Kayako is played by Takako Fuji.

Does the ending of the grudge 3 mean that there's a new grudge?

Yes and guess what there is going to be a Grudge 4

What is the duration of The Grudge?

The duration of The Grudge is 1.53 hours.

How do you make a sentence with the word grudge?

Drop the grudge and back away slowly. Your grudge is unworthy of further attention.

Who plays the Grudge in the movie?

Nobody plays, "The Grudge." "The Grudge" is the title of the movie, not the name of a character in it.Kayako Saeki is the character's name. She's the ghost lady in The Grudge.In Ju-On and Ju-On 2, as well as The Grudgeand The Grudge 2, the role of Kayako is played by Takako Fuji.Also, in The Grudge 2, the role of young Kayako is played by Kyoka Takizawa.In The Grudge 3, the role of Kayako is played by Aiko Horiuchi.

What is the definition of grudge?

grudge is a ghost or a white/black lady

Where is grudge buried?

'The Grudge' is a movie, and it isn't buried anywhere.

When was Grudge Records created?

Grudge Records was created in 1996.

Which movie is more scarier the grudge or the strangers?

The Grudge, definitely.

When was The Grudge released?

The Grudge was released on 10/22/2004.

What was the Production Budget for The Grudge?

The Production Budget for The Grudge was $10,000,000.

When did Grudge Warriors happen?

Grudge Warriors happened in 2000.

Is the child in the grudge a boy or a girl?

The Grudge gender depends on what movie. There is a grudge boy and girl. For example, there is the boy from the grudge from one of the scary movies. And the girl in one of the original ones.

When will the grudge 4 come out?

I seen all 3 of the grudge movies awesome movies by the way! There is going to be a Grudge 4, but it doesn't have a date yet cause if you saw The Grudge 3 at the end when they kill the grudge a new grudge is born but it's the grudge's sister when the little girl Rose's sister is hugging the grudge. hey this is jeterboost i seen all of the grudge. the grudge will come out in a few days. the grudge three is the most scariest. I mostly like the third To improve upon this, Stage 6, the production company behind Grudge has explicitly stated that there are no plans for another sequel and all the rumors about said sequel are bogus. I read online that the grudge 4 will come out in 2013 but im not for sure yet ps: i'll be back

Who wrote the grudge?

Stephen Susco wrote the screenplay for 'The Grudge' which is a remake of the Japanese film 'Ju-on : The Grudge' which was written by Takashi Shimizu .

What is The Grudge's name?

The movie is called The Grudge because the scary blue woman and her little boy hold an eternal grudge against the boy's father (her husband) for murdering them. The Grudge is not a person. The woman herself is not The Grudge; she's the person who HAS The Grudge (along with her son), and that grudge formed a curse over the house.The scary woman from The Grudge is named Kayako Saeki. Her son, the little boy, is Toshio Saeki.

Where does The Grudge live?

The Grudge is a movie. Movies don't "live" anywhere.