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There have been many guys over the years to appear in Irish Spring Body Wash commercials. However, the names for the guys are unavailable.

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Q: Who is the guy in the Irish Spring Body Wash commercial?
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Some popular brands of bar soaps are Dove beauty bar, Ivory, Irish Spring, Lux, Aveeno, Olay, Camay, Jergens, Dial and Yardley. Many of these body soaps come in bar form as well as liquid body wash.

What is the chemical name for dial body wash?

There is no chemical name for it. That is a propietary commercial soap mixture formulation.

What is the difference between hand wash and body wash?

well hand wash is to wash your hands and body wash is to wash your body but you could use both of them for the same thing.

What is the wash and rinse temperatures of commercial dishwashers?

Wash:150 and Final Rinse:180

Who are the actresses in the dove body wash shower commercial?

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What is body wash?

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Does dove body wash have lotion in it?

The dove body wash will moisturise like lotion.

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