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Q: Who is the head of the general court What significance does this have in the power given to the court?
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What was the significance the glorious revolution?

most of the power of the government was given to parliamant

What power was given to the supreme court to balance its power with the other branches?


How did marbury v Madisiin increase the power of the supreme court?

The case helped increase the power of the Supreme court since it was given the power of judicial review

Who expanded the power of the Supreme Court?

Fourth Chief Justice John Marshall is credited with expanding the power of the Supreme Court, and of the Judicial Branch in general.

True or False For a given level of significance if the sample size is increased the power of the test will increase?


A general court-martial must be convened by?

A general court-martial must be convened by a commanding officer of a general or flag officer rank, typically a general court-martial convening authority. This authority has the power to assemble a panel of officers to conduct a general court-martial in accordance with military legal procedures and regulations.

What is one power given only to the legislative branch of government?

It has the power to approve new supreme court justices.

What was the significance of mar bury vs Madison?

This court case was the first instance of a court ruling a law as unconstitutional, and therefore it was the first time the power of judicial review was exercised.

What is the power of commutation?

The power of commutation is a power only given to the president of the United States and is the power to commute (reduce) the length of a sentence or a fine by a court.

Is attorney in fact the same as power of attorney?

No. "Attorney-in-fact" refers to a person who is granted authority to act for the principal in a power of attorney.The general power of attorney refers to the document,executed by a principal, that creates the power to act for the principal.

Can district court mandate therapy?

More specific information is required but as a general answer, yes, they have that power.

What power is given to congress to enable your nation to pay for its common defense and general welfare?

I think it's the power to tax.