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Go to the website of Charterhouse School and you will find your answer - obvious, I would have thought? An OC

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Q: Who is the headmaster of Charterhouse School?
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When was Charterhouse School created?

Charterhouse School was created in 1611.

When was Charterhouse Square School created?

Charterhouse Square School was created in 1985.

What is the motto of Charterhouse School?

The motto of Charterhouse School is 'Deo Dante Dedi'.

Where is the Charterhouse school located?

Charterhouse is a school located in Surrey England. It is an independent boarding school and celebrates over 400 years of history, as it was originally established in 1611.

What has the author A H Tod written?

A. H Tod has written: 'Charterhouse' -- subject(s): Charterhouse School (Godalming, England)

What is the annual fee for Charterhouse School?

Charterhouse School is a private school located in England for boys and girls ages 13 - 18. One year's tuition is over 31 000 pounds per year, per student.

What is an academic headmaster?

A headmaster is the equivalent of a Principal. They're the head of the School in which they're employed.

Is there an overseer to the Alexander Dawson School in Las Vegas?

Yes, Michael Imperi is the Headmaster there. There is a Board of Directors which oversees the Headmaster and the school.

What is the masculine noun of the word headmaster?

The masculine is headmaster.

When was Florence Charterhouse created?

Florence Charterhouse was created in 1341.

When was Prüll Charterhouse created?

Prüll Charterhouse was created in 1484.

When did Gaming Charterhouse end?

Gaming Charterhouse ended in 1782.