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Who is the highest paid professional athlete based on salary?


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probobly David Beckham...he's making $250 million over 5 years. That's somewhere around $137,000 a day.

this is all a lie i am the highest ever!!

*Note: Beckham only receives around $5mil per year in actual salary, while the rest is just endorsement money.


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The highest paid pro athlete in 2008 was Tiger Woods. He earned an estimated 115 million dollar based on PGA tour play, and endoresments.

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In the United States, professional volleyball players earn an average annual salary of $69,000. Some make quite a bit more based on factors such as endorsements.

Salaries for professional golfers vary widely based on the number of tournaments they enter and win and the number of endorsements/sponsors they have.Tiger Woods, the highest paid athlete in the world, earned $110 million from 2008 to 2009 from both tournament earnings and sponsorships.

Today's and future professional teachers are responsible to uphold the highest code of ethics. The highest standard of behavior is being required of all professional teachers.

Salary that is based on how well you preform or how well your company does.

Based on individual player or athlete contracts, the top 4 sports that pay the highest are Baseball, American Football, F1 racing and Basketball. But some professional boxers and golf players can earn as much or even more, as evidenced by Tiger Woods, as he was cited as the top money earner for last year among all athletes. However, earning based on more than an annual contract do make the figure seem high. In a recent report per player Soccer have moved in to the highest paying areas with Barcelona of Spain paying more that any other club in wages and has passed The Texas Dodgers in their salary outlay

National AveragesPayScale compiled the annual pay of nearly 700 professional photographers to find a national average salary range. Based on their data, a range of $20,910 to $42,300 was reached. These salaries coincide with PayScale's average rate range of $9.34 to $15.41 per hour.Sources: Headshots

This depends, do you mean designer or programmer? i believe for both it's based on experience for designers the highest is $100,000 a year and for programmers $150,000 again based on experience

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Pay is based on the rankings and lower levels don't really get a salary, just some money for expenses and some appearances. The highest level can get as much as 2,000,000 yen a month as a salary.

A professional rider does not have a yearly average salary. Their pay is based upon their business and the area in which they live. THey make money off of selling horses, giving leassons, training rides, clinics, judging etc. It can vary greatly from year to year and even month to month.

Their salary depends on their pay grade, which is based on their rank.

the average doctor salary in Arizona is $66666 based on six salary records

Psychologist salaries vary based on job placement. The highest paid psychologist would be a psychiatrist who earns on average $165,000 every year.

The average income of a professional athlete varies by sport, time played and performance, For example in the NHL a first year player is signed to a contract of $350000 a year for 3 years, after that the player can be signed to a much larger contract based on their performance. By the time a player reaches their tenth year with good play they can have a contract of $10,000,000 a year or more if they are good enough.

around £72000 as a senior role, but you will have to have many years of experience and as the job is based around teamwork, you will have to most likely lead teams and be head of the department

Pros: Professional players tend to make a much higher salary than the average non-athlete, achieve fame and popularity, and will most likely receive special attention in public such as in a restraunt or dance club, and endorsments. Cons: Will become a target for paparazzi and criticism by sports writers. Possible death threats if playing in a international league (such as soccer). Private life will be tampered with. High expectations from the public. Expect a higher chance of being a victim to robbery. Notes: A professional player must be fit at all times as a single absence or act of improper sportsmanship may cause a quick end to a professional's career. There is hardly or NO RETIRE pension pay for professionals as a professional athlete works strictly based on a contract, not a company.

is to give based on your pay.

In the United States, the salary for a coach driver varies based upon location and experience. The pay averagesÊfrom lowest to highest paidÊhowever, is $21,000 to $59,000.

The highest ground based telescope is situated at Leh in Ladakh.

The 'average' yearly salary of a college counselor is $44,940. This salary can change based on many factors, such as location and experience.

Starting physician assistants can expect to earn between $64,000 and $77,000. Their salary varies based on location. Maine is the highest paying state followed by South Dakota, Alaska, New York, and West Virginia, respectively.

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