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Kirkpatrick MacMillan, a Scottish blacksmith, probably built the first mechanically propelled bicycle in 1839.

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Q: Who is the inventor of bicycle among KP Macmillan Aryabohatta Farady and J Priestly?
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Who invented the macmillan bike?

Kirkpatrick Macmillan invented the Macmillan bicycle.

What year did kirkpatrick millan born?

Kirkpatrick Macmillan was born on September 2, 1812. He was a blacksmith. He is also known as the inventor of the rear wheel bicycle.

How old was kirkpatrick macmillan when he invented the bicycle?

No. John Kemp Starley is seen as the inventor of the modern, chain driven bicycle. But other kinds had been around for quite some time when he thought of that idea.

Why did Kirkpatrik MacMillan invent the bicycle?

Kirkpatrick Macmillan invented a type of bicycle but not the first bicycle. He is credited with the invention of the rear wheel drive bicycle.yes he did then it got copied and sold he did not want to sell it anyway hope this helps =]

Who invented a bicycle in 1888?

The first verifiable claim for the inventor of the bicycle is Baron Karl von Drais, a civil servant in Germany. His invention was called Laufmaschine, which is German for 'running machine'.

What is kirkPatrick Macmillan known for?

He invented one kind of rear-Wheel drive bicycle with a treadle drive.

Who is the inventor of the Air filled bicycle tire?

Air fille bicycle tires were invented by John Dunlop.

You want fact about bicycle?

well caprial Perez is the inventor

Who was James starley?

James Starley was an English inventor and father of the bicycle industry. He invented the chain-driven bicycle and the tricycles.

Who was Kirkpatrick MacMillan?

He is credited with inventing the rear-wheel driven bicycle in 1839his real name is harold! that is all i know!

Who is Isaac R. Johnson the inventor of the bicycleframe?

Isaac R. Johnson is not the inventor of the bicycle frame. He is a person who decided to patent the frame in 1899.

What kind of inventor was Ernest Michaux and Pierre Michaux?

They invented an improved model of a bicycle