Who is the inventor of current?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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thomas alwa edison

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Q: Who is the inventor of current?
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Who is the inventor of the fluorescent light and alternating current?

Nikola Tesla.

Who is the creator or inventor of dota?

IceFrog is the current owner, but the creator of DotA is Eul.

Who is an inventor born in the 1800s?

One of the most famous inventor born in the 1800s was Thomas Edison. He was responsible for the invention of the light build, phonograph, and the alternating current.

Is Nikola Tesla the inventor of the light bulb?

Nikola Tesla was the inventor of ac/dc current flow along with machines using electricity. He was a electric genius.

Is it truth Merchandise inventory is classified as a current asset in a classified balance sheet?

Yes merchandise inventor is usable within one fiscal year that's why it is current asset and shown as a current asset in balance sheet.

Who is the inventer of AC?

The inventor of AC, or alternating current, was Nicola Tesla. He invented it when DC, or direct current, from Thomas Edision was to innefficent. However, if one means AC as in air conditioning, then the inventor of the AC was Willis Carrier.

What did westinghouse have to do with electricity?

He bought the patents for the technology to generate and transmit the AC (Alternating Current) power that we all use in our homes and businesses from the inventor Nikola Tesla. Research him more to get the full story. Greatest inventor of all time.

When did the inventor born and when did the inventor died?

who is the inventor

How did Nickola use electricity?

Nikola Tesla was the inventor of the alternating current light and power system in use all over the world today.

What do you call a person who makes kites?


Who was the inventor of fluorescent lamps and alternating current?

Nicola Tesla invented AC for George Westinghouse. Don't know about the fluorescent lighting, but I prefer Tesla's alternating current and Thomas Edison's incandescent light bulb.

What is an accidental inventor?

an accidental inventor is a inventor that always makes accidents