Who is the inventor of the hair dryer?

Updated: 12/12/2022
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Alexandre Godefoy invented the electric hair dryer in 1890.

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Q: Who is the inventor of the hair dryer?
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Who is alexandre f godfrey?

Alexandre.F Godfrey is the inventor of the Hair Dryer

When was the hair dryer invented?

the hair dryer was invented by Alexandre in 1890 but the first had held hair dryer was invented 1971.

What was the hair dryer device used for?

To dry wet hair...(Hint: HAIR DRYER)

Does the hair dryer evaporate water?

Yes, this is the purpose of a hair dryer.

What is a hair dryer used for?

a hair dryer is basically used to dry wet and damp hair!

What did the hair dryer allow people to do?

A little obvious, isn't it? Hair-DRYER. It drys your hair.

Why does your hair get straighter when you use a hair dryer?

The heat from the hair dryer acts like hair straightners i suppose?

Which companies provide hair dryer repair services?

My hair dryer is broken and needs fixing. Where can I find a company that provides hair dryer repair?

Can you melt a CD with a hair dryer?

No, not hot enough. If a hair dryer was that hot it would ruin your hair.

Who was alexandre f godefroy?

Alexandre F. Godefroy was a French inventor who is credited with creating the first hair dryer in 1890. His design used a large, seated bonnet connected to a heat source by a flexible hose, allowing for more efficient and controlled drying of hair compared to earlier methods.

Which companies offer hair dryer repair?

My hair dryer is broken, but I don't want to buy a new one. Who offers a hair dryer repair service?

How many watts does a hair-dryer use?

It depends on the model, if the hair dryer is a 1500 watt hair dryer, then it uses 1500 watts on high heat. If the hair dryer is a 2000 watt hair dryer, then it uses 2000 watts on high heat. Hair dryers come in all different size wattage, so it depends on the size wattage of the dryer. Most hair dryers are 1500 watts.