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No one really knows. I've been searching and all that has turned up is Matt prokop, but he look nothing like the covers. I'm pretty sure the people have a security contract that doesn't allow their names to be revealed.

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That guy with the face satisfied Creepy stalker peoples XD

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Q: Who is the model on the Maximum Ride cover?
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What is the name of the guy on the Maximum Ride books?

Umm... Fang? Iggy? Gazzy? Jeb? Or do you mean the model guy on the cover...??

Who is the model on Maximum Ride graphic 3?

that iggy.

Can you be an actor on Maximum Ride?

If you mean a model for the book covers, then maybe. You'd have to do some research as to what the cover designer is looking for in a model, and contact them if you think you would fit the bill. Hope this helps! :)

Who is the guy on the cover of the Maximum Ride 3 book?

There are a lot of copies of the Maximum Ride book. The latest one, the one that is yellow, unless that isn't the one you are talking about, has Max and Fang on the cover.

What is the boy's name in the cover of the Maximum Ride book Schools Out Forever?

The boy's name on the cover of Maximum Ride: School's Out- Forever is Fang. He is one of the main characters in the series and has the ability to fly with wings like the other characters.

Who is the model for Fang in the Maximum Ride series?

Brad pit

What is the name going to be for Maximum Ride book 6?

Maximum Ride book six will be called "Maximum Ride: The Sky is Falling". Actually it's called FANG: A Maximum Ride Novel. If you don't believe me go to

What is the order for the Maximum Ride series by James Patterson?

1st book: Maximum Ride The Angel Experiment 2nd book: Maximum Ride School's Out-Forever 3rd book: Maximum Ride Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports 4th book: Maximum Ride The Final Warning 5th book: Maximum Ride Max 6th book: Fang: A Maximum Ride Novel

What actor and actress are on the cover of the Maximum Ride book 3?

Max and Fang <3

Who modles Fang on the book cover of Maximum Ride?

I think it is Connor Del Rio.

What is going to be the name of the sixth Maximum Ride?

"Maximum Ride: The Sky is Falling"'s actually FANG

Who is the model that plays fang on the covers of the Maximum Ride books?

Conner Del Rio