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Who is the most important old testament prophet?

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There is no where in The Bible that said this prophet was more important than the other because they were all important.

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Who was the Old Testament prophet?

Elijah was the Old Testament prophet

What is one of the Old Testament prophets?

The prophet Isaiah is a major prophet in the old testament.

Who was the last prophet in the Old Testament?

The last prophet in the ld testament was the prophet Malachi.

Who is eliah in the Old Testament?

Elijah was a major prophet inthe old testament.

Who was a major Hebrew prophet?

The prophet Isaiah was a major prophet in the old testament.

In which section of the Old Testament is nahum?

The book of Nahum is in he old testament, he was a minor prophet.

Is Malachi the last Old Testament prophet?

Yes Malachi is the old Testaments last prophet, it is also the last book in the Old Testament. From Brother Terrell: Actually John the Baptist is the last old testament prophet. He is mentioned in the New Testament but the New Testament wasn't really produced until Jesus accomplished the will of God on the Cross, and then through resurrection the New Testament (covenant) came to be.

Who was Hebrew prophet and judge in old testament?

Samuel was both a judge and prophet.

When did Adam became a prophet?

Adam was never ever a prophet in the old testament.

Who is Moses of the Old Testament?

Moses was a prophet in the old testament, he lead the Jews out of Egypt for 40 years.

Who is Obadiah in The Bible?

Obadiah is an Old Testament prophet.

What prophet was a herdsman?

In the old testament Amos was a herdsmen.

Who was the first prophet in the Old Testament?

The first prophet in the Old Testament is Abraham. He appears in Genesis 20:7. He is also known as the friend of God and the father of the elect.

Who was jereimiah?

Jeremiah is a major prophet in the old testament, often called the weeping prophet.

Who was the Prophet of social injustice in the old testament?

Amos but the best known is the prophet Jeremiah.

Who was ordain a prophet from his mother womb?

This was spoken to the Prophet of God Jeremiah in the Old Testament.

Are these all the prophets of old and New Testament?

In the old testament which has both the major and minor prophets, but in the new testament John the baptist is a prophet.

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