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Who is the most popular NFL referee?

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favorite nfl refereeBen Dreyth- from the 1970s- famous penalty quote- "personal foul for giving him the business

I would say in today's game, 2010, it would have to be Ed Hochuli would be the most popular. This is due to his famous flexing of his arms with ever call he makes. RIPPED! haha

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Can an NFL referee ever be a NFL coach?


Is there a black NFL referee?

Yes, there is.

Who is most popular football referee?

probably Byron Moreno and Pierluigi Collina

What is the average age of an NFL referee?


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How much earns a NFL referee?


Which NFL team is the most popular and has the most fans?


What does an NFL referee make a year?

NFL refferees make $25,000 to $75,000 a season

What NFL team is most popular in Alaska?

The Seattle Seahawks are the most popular team in Alaska.

What Does an NFL Referee Make?

5000 per game

What is the most popular sport out of Football and F1?

The NFL is the most popular sport followed closely by NASCAR.

What is the most popular number for NFL quarterbacks?


What the most popular brand of gear in the nfl?


Why do NFL referee wear black pants?

Because they were it in winter.

What does the footlocker logo mean?

The footlocker logo is a referee. The apparent stance of the referee, in NFL terminology, is the signal for 'off sides'.

What are the most popular sport in the US?

The most popular sport in the US is football. Both NFL and College Football.

What is the most popular sport in Ohio?

According to CBS Sports, the most popular sport in Ohio is the NFL. The most popular team is listed as the Cleveland Browns.

What NFL team is the most popular?

New England Patriots

Most popular last name in the NFL?

Farve Baby!!

What is the most popular sport throughout Central America?


Which NFL team is most popular worldwide?

pittsburgh steelers

What is the most popular pro sport?

in America Football(NFL)

What are the 4 most popular sport teams in the US?

It depends on what sport. NFL is the most popular sport and the three most popular teams are Packers, Patriots, and Falcons.

What is the pay for a professional NFL referee?

25-70,000 per season.

What is the average salary for an NFL referee?

50,000 average of 3,000 a game .