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Who is the orbitz hovercraft guy?

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Who cares who he is, but didn't anybody tell Orbitz that hovercraft don't fly?

He looks like a younger Alex Trebek. Could be a love child.

No. not quite. I personally have seen hovercraft lift to an altitude of 10 ft. There's nothing in the commercials claiming actual flight and the actor's name is Terry Rhoads.

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What is the actors nams for the guy in the hovercraft orbitz commercial?

The name of the actor who plays the guy in the hovercraft in the Orbitz commercials is Terry Rhoads. You can find out more about Terry by doing a search for him at IMDB.com.

Is the orbitz hovercraft real?

No just some special effect

Who is the hovercraft driver in orbitz commercial?

His name is Charles Shurtz from Oklahoma.

Who is the man on orbitz hovercraft?

Brad Goreski....you may know him from Rachael Zoe Project

How do you powder the hovercraft in poptropica?

With manure. Get it from the guy with a cape and spade near the windmill.

How do you power up the hovercraft in Poptropica?

Use the fertilizer that the farmer-guy gives you.

What kind fo power source dose hovercraft used?

The manure. You can get it from the guy with the shovel.


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When was the hovercraft invented?

The hovercraft was invented in 2005!

Where was the hovercraft invented?

The hovercraft was invented in England

Where is the hovercraft in gta4 on xbox?

there is no hovercraft in gta4

Where do you get manure to power the hovercraft in the game Poptropica?

there's a guy holding a bag he'll give it to you. (he's by the fence)

What is a sentence the word Hovercraft?

i like to fly in my hovercraft!

Why is friction cut down in a hovercraft?

How is friction cut down in a hovercraft? This is done by hovering over the surface Why is friction cut down in a hovercraft? Because the surface of the hovercraft is smooth

How was the hovercraft invented?

the hovercraft was invented by using alot of parts

When was Hovercraft Museum created?

Hovercraft Museum was created in 1988.

Where is the manure to make the hovercraft work on poptropica?

you have to ask to guy on the far left the where to windmill is with zits hill give u

Who was the person that invented the hovercraft?

Christopher Cockerell invented the hovercraft in 1956.

What is difference between hovercraft and a parachute?

hovercraft hovers and a parachute flies

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