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In order to finance his second assault on his home village, Zabuza became an agent of the shipping magnate, Gato.

The Gato betray him and Zabuza cuts of his head.

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Q: Who is the person who hired Zabuza in Naruto?
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Who is the tallest person in naruto?

I'm think Zabuza.

Pass zabuza on Naruto path of ninja by step?

all you have to do is keep on attacking while your weakest person heals you

How Tall is Zabuza from Naruto?

183cm just use naruto wiki for these questions

How does Naruto beat Zabuza?

He does not "beat" Zabuza. He and Sasuke were fighting Haku while Kakashi was fighting Zabuza. Sasuke is put in a near death state by Haku's Demonic Ice Crystal Mirrors. Naruto was devastated at the sight of Sasuke in that state that he used the Nine Tailed Demon Fox's chakra for the first time. With that chakra Haku was amazed at the power and was ultimately defeated by him. He then asks Naruto to kill him because he states that he serves no further purpose to Zabuza and that killing him would be best. Right before Naruto strikes him with a kunai knife, Haku notices Zabuza about to get killed by Kakashi's Lightning Blade and rushes in to protect him. Kakashi kills Haku instead of Zabuza. Zabuza states that he did not care about Haku and Naruto was enraged. He spoke to Zabuza about how Haku felt, and that he was trying to achieve Zabuza's dream for him. Zabuza ends up crying, touched by Naruto's words. He then finds out that Gato (the person who hired him) has betrayed him along with a crowd of other people. He uses a kunai to slice through the crowd of people, but was heavily injured doing so. He then knocks Gato off the bridge, killing Gato. Knowing that he would die because of his injuries, he asks Kakashi to bring him next to Haku so that they would die together. They are then buried next to each other.

Naruto-arena what character is best to beat zabuza?

Recommended team: Naruto, Zaku, and Ino.

What happens in book 2 Naruto?

Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, and Kakashi fight Zabuza and Haku

Who is the girl in a naruto game with a sword?


What are the release dates for Naruto - 2002 Zabuza yuki ni chiru 1-19?

Naruto - 2002 Zabuza yuki ni chiru 1-19 was released on: USA: 13 February 2003

What is the character list for Naruto Clash of Ninja?

naruto,sasuke,sakura,zabuza,iruka,kakashi,might guy,

How do you get zabuza in naruto-arena?

Win 15 battles with Haku. (15/15)

How do you unllock zabuza on naruto the broken bond?

beat some of story mode

Does Naruto and susake fight together to kill someone?

yes they do it when fighting zabuza.Twice actually both to kill zabuza first zabuza no die 2nd he does.