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In Shakespeare's "Macbeth," the porter pretends to let a variety of humorous characters into hell, including a farmer, an equivocator, and an English tailor. This scene provides comic relief after the suspenseful murder of King Duncan.

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Q: Who is the porter pretending to let into hell?
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In Macbeth where does the porter imagine he is?

In Act 2, Scene 3 of Macbeth, the porter imagines he is the porter of Hell's gate, which he jokes about by referencing different types of sinners and the punishments they will face in Hell. He creates a dark and humorous atmosphere contrasted with the serious events happening in the play.

What kind of gate does the porter imagine he is tending?

The Porter imagines he is tending the Gates of Hell.

Who jokes that he works at the hell gate in Macbeth?

the porter

What does the porter imagine he is guarding the gate?

that macbeth's castle is like hell, but then he says that hell is worse than macbeth's castle

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Who is the porter in Macbeth?

A porter is simply the man who is in charge of the gate. He's the one that opens it and closes it, and makes sure people who aren't supposed to come in don't. The porter from Macbeth, specifically, is the comic relief after Duncan is murdered. Shakespeare knew that he had to keep people interested, and thus needed to put in something funny. The porter has been drinking all night, and when he hears Macduff and Lennox knocking, he imagines that he is porter to the gates of Hell. He then proceeds to imagine what kind of people he would let in. I hope this helps.

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