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Q: Who is the red haired model in Old Navy ads?
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Who was the gorgeous dark haired male model in the 1960s or 1970s Marlboro print ads who died of AIDS?

You're probably thinking of Christian Haren

Who is dark haired girl in sainsburys ads?

Dawn French

Who is Erin e surance?

She's that pink-haired spy girl in the E-Surance ads.

Who are the long haired guys in the Castrol Edge ads?

Ryan Karels and Jason Brandt Harris

When was the Moviola model D built?

I know from old ads that the model D was available in 1929. The first Moviola was built around 1924. I have a Model D and there is no date on it.

What retailer hoped tv ads with bug eyed Carrie donovan and a dog named magi could help sell clothing?

old navy

Who is the curly-haired actor in the Scottrade TV ads?

The curly hair, hairy actor is Chad Ridgeway.

Who is the voice in the US navy commercials?

The person who does the voice over for the US Navy ads is Keith David. He also does the voice over for several other ads including American Volunteer, and Hennessy, as well as one or more ads for different video games.

Who is the model in bluestar ad?

Melany Johnson is the model who appears in Bluestar Ads. She has made appearances in several of the Bluestar ads.

How do you get your 4 year old Asian boy a modeling job?

Watch for ads though or hand out fliers at stores you want him to model at.

What brands of men's clothing are on sale?

Every brand offers sales on men's clothing. Try checking your local ads to find out what sales are going on. My husband loves Ross and Old Navy clothes and they always have great sales! Old Navy also sells theirs online at

Who is the model in the Fontainebleau ads?

Lisa peake