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Who is the richest Arab?

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The richest Arab so far in the world is Al Waleed Bin Talal. He is a also a Saudi Arabian Prince. He net worth is $48 billion.

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Richest Arab singers?

Amr Diab

What is the richest country in the Arab world?


Is Abu Dhabi the richest country?

Abu Dhabi is a city, not a country. It is in the United Arab Emirates, which is not the richest country in the world.

The richest country in the Middle East?

United Arab Emirates Dubai

What country is richer united Arab emirates or Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia is Richer Than Uae and Saudi Arabia is the Richest country in Arab world !

Which country is the richest among Arab countries?

Kuwait,sudia Arabia ,Iraq lots and lots of oil, then emarites

Which arab country is the richest in oil?

Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwait, and mostly countries east and south east of the Arabian peninsula.

What are the five richest countries in the world?

There are many rich countries in the world. Among them are Switzerland, the United Arab Emirates, the United States, Norway, and Singapore.

One of the world's richest countries in Asia is?

10 richest by GDP:ChinaJapanIndiaRussiaSouth KoreaTurkeyIndonesiaSaudi ArabiaIranThailand10 richest by GDP per capita:QatarUnited Arab EmiratesSingaporeKuwaitJapanBruneiIsraelOmanBahrainSouth Korea

What does Bahrain qatar UAE Oman Kuwait and Saudi make?

lol what do you mean by they make. afcourse money they have lots of money because they have oil and Saudi Arabia has much oil than other Arab countries Saudi Arabia is the richest country in Arab world !

Richest countries in Asia?

By GDP:ChinaJapanRussiaIndiaSouth KoreaBy GDP per capita:QatarUnited Arab EmiratesSingaporeKuwaitJapan

Where is the city Abu Dhabi located?

The city of Abu Dhabi is located in the United Arab Emirates and is the capital. It is the second largest after Dubai. It is currently one of the richest cities in the world.

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What are the richest countries in the world?

Richest countries by GDP per capita (2011):LuxembourgQatarNorwaySwitzerlandAustraliaSan MarinoUnited Arab EmiratesDenmarkSwedenCanadaNetherlandsAustriaSingaporeFinlandUnited StatesIrelandBelgiumJapanGermanyFrance

Which is the richest country in middle east?

Top 10 Richest Country's in Middle East (1) Saudi Arabia (2) Qatar (3) United Arab Emirates (4) Kuwait (5) Egypt (6) Bahrain (7) Turkey (8) Cyprus (9) Israel (10) Oman

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What are the richest countries on the Asian continent?

By GDP:ChinaJapanIndiaRussiaSouth KoreaBy GDP Per Capita:QatarUnited Arab EmiratesSingaporeKuwaitJapan

China the richest country in the world?

No China is not the richest but second richest.

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