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Who is the richest football player today?

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Kaka(Real Madrid) is the highest paid player.

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Kanu Nnwankwo is the richest player in nigeria.

Yaya Toure is the richest African football player $13.5 million annual salary

The richest football club today is the Spanish Giants Real Madrid who have over 314 million pounds. pounds.

The richest footballer in the world is David Beckham.

Ahmed Hossam ( Mido ) is the richest Egyptian player, but Mohamed Abu Treka is the richest Egyptian player plays in Egypt

David Beckham is the richest , but Messi is fast catching up.

The richest footballer from Africa is Samuel Etoo, from Cameroon.

The Richest Footballer is David Beckham with 100 million pounds.

Today the richest footballer is Michael Essien.Who plays his club football at Chelsea.

it has to obviously be Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano ROnaldo is the richest player in 2014. He has a yearly earning of 44 million US dollars.

it has to be david beckam (nottt) haha lol

lionel messi :) and ronaldo but obv im richer

It cpold now be Lionel Messi.

It is most likely dider Drogba.

DAVID BECKHAM!! £113 million!!

Christiano Ronaldo and lukas podolski.

It is either Ronaldo or Beckham.

Cristiano Ronaldo then Kaka and then Carlos Tevez

Samuel Eto'o is richest african football playerSee related linkThe richest African footballer is Samuel Etoo.

The richest footballer in Africa in 2009 was the Cameroon striker Samuel Etoo.

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