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Who is the sexual deviant in the novel Spies by Michael Frayn?


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2009-05-12 22:23:55
2009-05-12 22:23:55

Uncle peter


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The psychological novel Spies (2002) was written by English author Michael Frayn. The main characters in the novel are called Stephen Wheatley and Keith Hayward.

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he uses them to show the journey into adolescence on Stephen's behalf, with Barbara and Mrs Hayward aligning.

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Hey, I'm looking for the same thing for AS English Lit and Lang!Here's a site that I found:Summary_of_'spies'_by_Michael_fraynIt's a summary of the whole book. Hope this helps!

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Michael Spies was born on 1965-07-09.

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Michael Frayn has written: 'Balmoral' -- subject(s): Protected DAISY 'The sneeze' 'Balmoral' 'My father's fortune' -- subject(s): Family, Fathers and sons, Biography, English Authors 'Skios' -- subject(s): Fiction, Congresses and conventions, Businesswomen, Female friendship 'The two of us' 'Spies' -- subject(s): Fiction, World War, 1939-1945, Underground movements, Male friendship 'NOISES OFF'

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