Who is the smartest or fastest character in Mario games?

waluigi is smartest and he is fast
he was a 5 on masatog. in skill
he was a 3.5 on masatog. in speed

Yoshi is fastest but not smartest
he was a 4.5 on masatog in speed
he was a 3.5 on masatog in skill

peach was fast and smart but not as smart as waluigi
she was 4 in speed on masatog
she was 4.5 in skill on masatog

luigi is all-around
he is 3.5 in masatog in both skill and speed

Mario is all around
he is 3 in speed and 3.5 in skill in masatog

daisy is fast but not as smart as peach
she was 4 speed in masatog
she was 3.5 skill in masatog

masatog means Mario and sonic at the olympic games