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It's Bulbasaur of course! He's also the strongest Pokemon ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! actually arceus is strongest POKEMON ever

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 19:30:57
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Q: Who is the strongest grass Pokemon?
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What is the strongest Grass Pokemon in Diamond and Pearl?

Torterra is the strongest Grass Pokemon in Diamona and Pearl.

What is the strongest Grass Pokemon?

Torterra or Shaymin is the strongest Grass Pokemon.

What the strongest grass type move on Pokemon ruby?

strongest grass move is solarbeam

What is the strongest grass type move in Pokemon?

grass knot

Which is the strongest grass Pokemon called?

Torterra is the most powerfullest grass type in the Pokemon world.

What the strongest grass Pokemon on FireRed?


What Type Of Pokemon Can Beat Grass Type?

Fire type has the very strongest advantage over Grass type Pokemon

What is the most strongest grass type Pokemon?

Shroomish! :)

What is the best grass Pokemon in diamond?

In Pokemon Diamond i say Torrterra is the strongest grass and ground Pokemon because i have a level 100 one and it's great.

What is the best Pokemon to defeat water on Pokemon Yellow?

Grass-Types and Electric-Types are the strongest against Water-Types.

Who is the strogest grass Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum?

In my opinion torterra is the strongest Pokemon. In order for this Pokemon to be the strongest, it must know these four moves: Frenzy Plant Earthquake Crunch Giga Drain

What is the strongest stater Pokemon?

the grass one is the best one dont cose the other ones if that helps

What is weakest element against grass type Pokemon?

it's either air or stone type, it's not fire though. fire is the strongest against grass.

What is the strongest starter Pokemon in gold?

to me totodile would be the strongest starter because it learns ice fang which grass is weak against and it has natural water moves that beat fire.

What is the strongest non legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Blue?

any pokemon in yellow, red, blue, are the strongest it just depends on how you raise them and the moves they have. every pokemon has a weakness for example water will defeat fire, physic and water, grass will defeat ground, fire defeats grass, grass will defeat water, water vs electric are both equal it is usually the fastest one gets in first. You all following though when it comes to normal pokemon like dragonite for example i have defeated lance of the elite four with two pokemon pigeot and charazzard. So the strongest pokemon in blue,yellow and red are any evolved form

Strongest non legendary bug type Pokemon?

grovle / grovle wasn't my opinion and it is grass, but my opinion is probably yanmega or scyther

Which is the strongest pokemon in leafgreen?

There is no overal strongest Pokemon in the game, but the strongest you will face will be Mewtwo.

Is lugia the strongest Pokemon?

yes it is the strongest Pokemon

Is Rayquaza the strongest Pokemon?

its the therd strongest Pokemon

Who is the first strongest pokemon?

mew is the strongest Pokemon

Is Dialga the strongest Pokemon?

its the second strongest Pokemon

Where to get dito on Pokemon black?

Giant chasm (outside). Go into thick grass because you can get lot strongest dittos there from level 63- 65.

What is the strongest Pokemon in SoulSilver?

It depends what type if fire typhlosion if water lugia if grass meganium typhlosion is the last form of the fire starter cyndiquill and meganium is the final form of the grass type starter.

What is the strongest Pokemon on diamond version?

arceus is the strongest Pokemon

Is kecleon the strongest Pokemon?

No kecleon is not the strongest pokemon.........Arceus is