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Q: Who is the superintendent of broward county public schools?
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Where are the Broward County Public Schools headquartered?

Broward County Public Schools is a great public school system with 315 schools and the headquarters are in Fort Lauderdale. It was founded in 1915. It's got over 31 thousand of employees.

When was Broward County Public Schools created?

Miami-Dade County Schools had 368,933 students in 2004. According to 2006 Department of Education statistics.

What years did carol parham serve as superintendent of anne arundel county public schools in Maryland?


What is Charlotte County Public Schools's motto?

The motto of Charlotte Catholic High School is 'You can't beat us, we've got Jesus'.

Where can one find Broward County Library?

You can find one of many Broward County Libraries in the state of Florida, these libraries are scattered all over the state and the address details can easily be accessed via there library locations page on their site.

What is the Broward County Sheriff's office responsible for?

The Broward County Sheriff's office is also now as BSO. It is a public safety organisation which is responsible for law enforcement and fire rescue duties within the borders of Broward County, Florida.

Who is the Superintendent of Minot Public Schools?

david lloysen

Who is the chief public school official in a county?


Who is the superintendent of salina public schools?

Dr. Rob Winter

Broward sheriffs office may bookings?

The arrest log of the Broward County Sheriff's Office is a public document. You may go there and request to see it.

When was Duval County Public Schools created?

Duval County Public Schools was created in 1885.

When was Fairfax County Public Schools created?

Fairfax County Public Schools was created in 1870.