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The one who works for discover card is Frances Callier.

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Christian Woldegebriel. on youtube
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I don’t know

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Q: Who is the two black actresses in the discover card commercial?
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Who is the actress in the discover card Peggy commercial?

Lillian Birdsell

Who does the voice on the new Discover card commercial?

Steve T. 100%

Who is the actor playing Peggy in the Discover Card commercial?

Tudor Petrut

What is that commercial that goes hello my name is Peggy your name is Peggy Yes?

It's a Discover Card commercial

Who is the blond woman with the great legs in the discover card commercial?

lili birdsell

Who is the voice of the new discover card commercial?

It sounds like the voice of Stephen Tobolowsky

Who is the brunette actress in the Peggy-Cash Rewards-Discover Card Commercial?

Ursula Taherian

What colours are on the logo for the Discover Card?

There are various kinds of Discover cards. The Discover credit card has a white steel-like colouring with orange and black lettering. while the Discover business credit card has turqoise colouring, and white and orange lettering

Are the actors in the we treat you like you treat you in the discover card commercial the same people?

no they are different people

Who plays Peggy in the discover card commercial?

Peggy is played by Romanian actor Tudor Petrut.

Who are the coaches in Peggy discover card commercials?

Lou Holtz and Bobby Bowden are each in a commercial

What is the song in the discover credit card commercial?

Of monsters and men, is the band. Little talk, is the song.

Is the actor in discover card commercial missed payment the same person?

No, they're very similar though.

Who is the coach on the boat in the discover card commercial?

It looks and sounds like Bobby Bowden from Florida State.

When was Discover Card created?

Discover Card was created in 1985.

Who is the girl in the visa black card commercial?

Supermodel and actress Donna Feldman

Does Walmart offer a Discover card?

Walmart does indeed offer a Discover card! It also offers an unbranded, Walmart-only card, but you can only use this card at Walmart - unlike the Discover card which you can use anywhere Discover is accepted.

Is Robert wuhl in discover card commercial?

Sure looks like him, but voice is not how I remember his sounding. I'm guessing it is since Discover has been using celebs in Peggy ads.

What retailer started the Discover Card?

Discover Card was introduced by Sears in 1985

Do airlines accept discover card?

does southwest airlines except discover card

How can one apply for a Discover card?

Discover card is an internationally known credit card that offers rewards based on how the card is used. To apply for a Discover card visit their website to fill out an application.

Who is the black girl in pink in miller lite man card commercial?

Julissa Bermudez

What restaurants accept discover card?

What restaurants in Montreal Canada accept Discover Card?

What company has the slogan the card that pays you back?

Discover Financial Services (Discover Card).

What actors and actresses appeared in Discover Card Stars on Ice - 1994?

The cast of Discover Card Stars on Ice - 1994 includes: Peter Carruthers as Himself - Announcer Kristi Yamaguchi as Herself - Skater