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The youngest to enter the Archibald Prize was Rolf Harris, who was 15 at the time he entered in 1946.

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Q: Who is the youngest person ever to enter the Archibald prize?
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Who established the archibald prize?

Jules F Archibald was the person who established the Archibald prize for portraiture.

What does it mean to enter the Archibald prize?

you have to pay $30 to get in and there is a form you have to fill out

Can anyone who is a good painter enter in the Archibald Prize?

yes anyone who has lived in Australia or New Zealand for a full year before the closing date and who pays the $30 handling fee, may enter the Archibald Prize.

What prizes are in the Archibald prize?

The prize you get in the Archibald prize is $50,000. WOW

When did Evert Ploeg finish his painting of Bananas in Pajamas and when did he enter it in the Archibald prize?

That was in 1997.

When was Archibald Prize created?

Archibald Prize was created in 1921.

The youngest person to receive a noble peace prize?

Malala Yousafzai was the youngest person to receive a Nobel Peace Prize at age 17.

When did Archibald invent the Archibald Prize?

The Archibald Prize was first awarded to W. B. McInnes in 1921.

Who was the Archibald Prize named after and why?

The Archibald Prize was named after John Feltham Archibald who was later then known as Jules Francois Archibald. The Archibald prize was named after his death in 1919, where he left 89,061 pounds (which is 139,626 USD or 142,796 AUD). After his death one-tenth of the prize was provided for the Archibald prize to commence.

What type of art do you need to enter the Archibald prize?

you need to have a portrait. it is said that the prize is most likely going to be awarded to a portrait of a celebrity.

Who invented the Archibald Prize?

J.F archibald

Who won the archibald prize 2012?

Raelene Sharp won the archibald prize for 2012