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Who is this durjoy ghosh?


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May 11, 2012 7:44PM

As far is know, Durjoy Ghosh is an analytical philosopher who writes in The Statesman rather regularly. I personally met him once in Benaras where he was to deliver a lecture on Western Philosophy. I missed the lecture, but the next day when I told him I was a scholar, he gave me two hours and explained his topic in detail. I was stunned. His analysis is awfully transparent. He has a rare convincing power. When he speaks, you must sit and listen to his analysis - you simply have nothing else to do. But I do doubt if he is mentally balanced. Of course, I am not insulting him. But it is a fact that he behaved rather strangely when I asked him where he lived. He rose and went away. Now I do read his articles in The Statesman. Even I have gone to The Statesman Office in Delhi to find out more about him, but in vain.

Yes, I met him personally too. He is short, slim . . . looks like a kid....long thik hair.