Who is tupac?

Tupac Amaru Shakur(his full name)a.k.a 2pac or Makavelli was a famous and well-respected rapper in the 90's.His early life he grew up with his mother and siblings in california.At the time he was a teenager he began rapping with his friends,but as he got more well known he went solo.Given the knowledge he has been gifted with and the intention to spread peace between people he rapped about these things while also staying true to his ghetto roots.His first album"2pacalypse"was very popular and that's when his career took off.He rapped about varoius things and was widely popular even still today.But in 1996 he was shot after a Mike Tyson wrestling match fight in his car and is now dead,but still remembered and is regarded because of his history as the greatest rapper of all time.

For more info go to websites or read books because this is just a brief overvview.