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Q: Who lead the settlement in providence?
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What was the reason for funding providence settlement?

The reason for funding Providence settlement was to initiate community betterment products.

What is rhode island's settlement?


What settlement did roger Williams find?


What is Rhode Island's main settlement?


What is the major settlement of Rhode Island?


What settlement was founded by Roger Williams?

Providence Plantation.

How is soon after the founding of Jamestown was the settlement of providence founded?

My educated guess would be that providence was founded in the 1660s.

Who founded Providence?

Answer Rodger Williams founded Providence. He also organize the settlement based on the consent

The settlement at Providence grew into the independent colony of?

Rhode Island

Who founded a settlement and later joined with providence and became part of Rhode Island?

this person founded a settlement that later joined with providence and became part of rhode island

What settlement later became the colony of Rhode Island?

Providence Plantations.

Who founded the settlement of Providence-Rhode Island?

Roger Williams in the 1660s.